We generate efficiency

We work alongside our Customers to build a sustainable future, founded on a new source of efficient energy.

We are an energy-efficiency service platform with a mission to help businesses achieve carbon neutrality by providing distributed generation and energy-efficiency solutions that cut CO2 emissions and boost sustainability.

We provide distributed generation and energy-efficiency solutions on the basis of the Energy Service Contract: in other words, we bear the entire cost of building the power generation system and operating it for the full duration of the contract, so that our customers can streamline their energy costs and focus on their own core business.


We build cogeneration systems tailored to the specific needs of our Client companies, and   optimise the size of the system to meet their energy requirements and make the most effective use of all potential sources of flexibility.


We build photovoltaic systems tailored to the needs of our Client companies, on buildings, roof-tops and projecting roofs, with a view to maximising the share of self-generated power used to meet the company’s energy requirements.