About us

Cogenio is an energy-efficiency service platform set up to help businesses cut their energy costs and CO2 emissions, by providing them with solutions designed to improve their overall energy efficiency.

Cogenio is majority-owned by Infracapital, a leading investment company specialising in long-term, highly sustainable energy infrastructure, and backed by Enel X, an Enel Group company with world-class commercial and technological know-how in the field of energy efficiency and distributed generation.

We provide distributed generation and energy-efficiency solutions on the basis of the Energy Service Contract: in other words, we bear the entire cost of building the power generation system and operating it for the full duration of the contract, so that our Customers can streamline their energy costs and focus on their own core business.

The platform recently expanded into Southern Europe, with a particular focus on Spain, France and Portugal, with a view to driving growth in distributed generation and energy efficiency.

Infracapital invests in, builds and manages a diverse range of essential infrastructure to meet the changing needs of society and support long-term economic growth.
It takes an active role in all its investments, during both start-up and development, to fulfil their potential and ensure they are adaptable and resilient.
Infracapital’s approach creates value for its investors, as it targets investments with the scope for stable, sustainable growth.
Its portfolio companies work closely with the communities where they are based, to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Infracapital’s structure is ideally suited to delivering the substantial investments needed to help build the future.
Led by its two founders, Infracapital’s team of experienced specialists has worked with more than 50 companies all over Europe and has raised and managed over 6.5 billion dollars across six funds.
Infracapital is part of M&G Plc, one of Europe’s leading savings and investment businesses. M&G manages the long-term savings of over 5 million people and is a major investor in the United Kingdom and the global economy.
It has a total of 323 billion euros of assets under management (as at 31 March 2020).

A member of the Enel Group, Enel X is a leading, worldwide service provider, specialising in the development of high-value-added products and services in the sectors in which energy can be the most transformative.
Using a flexible service platform geared towards digitalisation, sustainability and innovation, it can build an ecosystem of solutions capable of turning energy into new opportunities in a range of sectors, including electric mobility, energy efficiency in the public and private spheres, artificial intelligence and data analysis services, energy management and consulting, and financial services.
The B2B division of Enel X is aimed at all business customers, whether in industry or the service sector, that want to gain a clearer understanding of their energy consumption, cut their costs and boost their sustainability.
Drawing upon its energy expertise, Enel X analyses the profile of each of its customers and identifies the most effective integrated, custom solutions to streamline their energy requirements and deliver efficiency gains.