Cogeneration and Trigeneration systems

We build cogeneration systems tailored to the specific needs of our Client companies, and optimise the size of the system to meet their energy requirements and make the most effective use of all potential sources of flexibility.

Cogeneration systems generate electricity and heat simultaneously. So they use less fuel than systems that generate the two energy carriers separately, thus delivering economic and environmental benefits.

Cogeneration systems recover the heat generated and dispersed during the power generation process, and use it to cover heating needs.

Trigeneration systems also generate electricity and heat for comfort heating, but in addition to this, they use part of the residual heat as an energy source for running cooling systems.

Both solutions bring end-users the following benefits:

Higher energy availability

Lower energy costs

Lower CO2 emissions

The formula

The service is provided by means of an Energy Service contract, under which Cogenio bears the full cost of building and operating the power generation system, while the Customer only pays for the energy carriers generated by the system, at a discounted price compared with energy from conventional sources. The Energy Service contract includes:

  • Energy consumption analysis
  • Concept and optimum sizing of the system
  • Design
  • Obtaining permits
  • Building the power generation system on the Customer’s site without any financial contribution from the Customer
  • Obtaining Energy Efficiency Credits, commonly known as “White Certificates”
  • Supplying natural gas, operating and maintaining the power generation system for the full duration of the contract.

Contracts can be tailored to the specific needs of the Customer and involve the following:

  • Supplying electricity, heating energy and cooling energy for the full duration of the contract
  • Advanced pricing indexed to Italy’s virtual trading point (PSV), aimed at optimising supply costs and saving customers money over the course of each year
  • Possibility of strategic price-fixing in the course of the supply contract and/or renegotiation during the year on the basis of reliable market indices
  • Margin-sharing of any incremental benefits.

Cogenio also has the ideal solution for proprietary systems already in use and obsolete or end-of-life systems. In the former case, the asset can be transferred and its operation can be optimised by harnessing the flexibility of the market. In the latter case, the Cogenio team designs a new solution (revamping) under the terms of an Energy Service contract.